Muskegon Diver Information

Diver Information

Site Description: The site contains over 100 feet of exposed hull and numerous identifiable features, including major segments of the ship’s main frame and sidewalls, steam engine, twin boilers, Bishop Arch assemblies, propeller, and propeller drive shaft.  

Location:  Approximately 0.28 miles offshore from the Indiana Dunes National Park’s Mount Baldy and 1.5 miles from Washington Park Marina.

Depth: 30' to 35'

Visibility: Varies from 2' to 20', depending upon environmental conditions.

Marine Life: Common marine life include salmon, crawfish, rainbow smelt, sea lamprey, zebra mussels, smallmouth bass, longnose sucker, lake sturgeon, lake trout, dwarf lake iris, and lakeside daisy. 

Diver Level: Novice. Recommended training in cold water environments.  Proper exposure protection is required.

Access: The Muskegon (Peerless) is accessible only by boat, and is within two to twenty miles from various Lake Michigan marinas. 

Comments: The Muskegon’s (Peerless) shallow depth of 30-35 feet make the site an exceptional venue for recreational diving, provided that divers are trained for low visibility environments.  Dive conditions vary, but the site is typically dived between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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